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    2. 富菱電梯制造(廣東)有限公司


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      Guangdong elevator companies can only gain a foothold in order to develop


             Guangdong elevator companies can only gain a foothold if they are developing in a down-to-earth manner. No matter which industry, in order to survive in the downturn, the first is not to be eliminated by the market, seriously face the advantages of the company itself, and continue to reform to seek development. Under the new normal, the overall atmosphere of the elevator industry in Guangdong is a bit impetuous, so it is necessary to ensure that stability is the best way to survive. This shows that enterprises must intensively cultivate and pragmatically innovate.

             It is very important for companies to stabilize and win, accelerate the pace of enterprise development, and balance the relationship between the two points. For enterprises, the relationship between the internal chain of management mechanism and production cost control should be straightened out. Under the condition of constant personnel, the per capita output value is higher, the management mode is saved a little, the procurement cost is cheaper, and the internal system of the enterprise should be integrated. Rather than being subject to change everywhere; externally speaking, it is the value chain of products. If a company wants to develop steadily, it must lay a solid foundation for its basic skills. Customers who look at the product may shop around, ask for the price, and see the product. But you have to do more than the customer, say more in detail, not what he asks you to answer.

             Industry turmoil, homogenization, price wars, in addition to down-to-earth products, another way out is your market layout, customer selection, and a combination of internal and external systems. Enterprises need their own resources and dealer resources to integrate, seek profit growth points in the channel reform, and help dealers to carry out a new positioning under the new normal, in order to better develop. As a company, we must do a good job in online and offline product planning and brand planning, accelerate brand building, and actively cooperate to do more value-added services.

             Knowing oneself and knowing oneself can only be a battle, and only by knowing oneself and knowing oneself can you achieve good results. So, how can we know ourselves? First of all, it is important to know "the other", fully understand the needs of customers, and get comprehensive information as much as possible. When customers choose products, they will comprehensively measure and choose from their own conditions, development strategies, product positioning, and the price/performance ratio of products. As a company, in the sales process, it is necessary to have a comprehensive grasp of the above aspects in order to be able to cope with it.

             At present, a series of problems in the market have finally returned to a fundamental point, that is, positioning problems. Positioning for itself, positioning for development, positioning for success, etc. Once a company is willing to spend money to spend time on a product brand, it is necessary to do its own positioning and planning. This is an entire system engineering, and the growth of the company cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time to design, develop, produce, service, etc., and a series of packages must keep up. Today's corporate brand is not a waste of money, it requires rational thinking and planning.

             erprises want to survive, they must find their own positioning, understand the real needs of consumers, and start from the brand from the quality, step by step to allow customers to recognize, and thus truly occupy a place in the market.